Our Story


For those of you that don't know....I started making dog food as a last resort. After adopting my beloved Comrade, I noticed that he struggled with all sorts of skin issues and nothing seemed to work. That's when I entered the world of making dog food. For anyone that doesn't personally know me- when I develop a hobby it moves quickly from hobby to obsession. And obsessed I was! As I read thru dozens of books and talked to anyone and everyone I soon realized how important nutrition was. I also realized it wasn't as easy as throwing some chicken and vegetables into a bowl. 

Dogs have very specific nutritional needs- the majority of these nutrients and vitamins can come directly from their food source, however their are certain trace minerals that also need to be supplemented (that is unless you are growing vegetables on certain soils, feeding eyeballs and blood...you get the gist!). This is where home cooking can be tricky and time consuming.

Eventually with a lot of help I learned, and Comrade has been busy eating ever since. BUT....cooking for your own dog is much different than being responsible for someone else's dog. Its a different sense of responsibility- if you are reading this than you understand that dogs are family. To be entrusted with that, I think is a pretty big deal. After seeing so many recalls and just so many subpar nutritional choices I set out to create Hound Fresh. I had the amazing opportunity to partner with one of the top animal nutritionists and Hound Fresh grew to what it is today.

There isn't a day that goes by that Im not proud of our product. We use REAL ingredients, sourced carefully and our food is created in small batches- we know every single ingredient that goes inside our food. 

We stand behind our motto "We Love Them, Like You Love Them".