Treat Shopping- Where To Start?


Lets face it....we love giving treats as much as your pup loves to get them. And trust me...they LOVE to get them. But with so many treats around, its hard to know what we should be looking for. So we turned to the experts at Buffalo Barkery! If you haven't had a chance to check them out at the Market Arcade in downtown Buffalo you're missing out. Their amazing treats (my pup goes crazy over them!) are made completely by hand, in small batches, and with ALL human grade ingredients!  Best of all- you don't have to play detective when reading their ingredient list!

What made you start Buffalo Barkery? When did you start your store?

We had always made homemade, healthy treats for our pups because we wanted to stay away from tons of preservatives and unhealthy ingredients. We would share recipes and our dogs loved them all! A little over two years ago we started Buffalo Barkery. We specialize in healthy, homemade, human grade treats some which have a Buffalo theme. (Beef on Weck, Chicken Wing, Buffalove Pumpkin, Buffalo Chip) We also have Shark Girl, Buffalo Nickel, Notorious BIG, Tupac and many more larger individually wrapped pumpkin flavored biscuits. Celebration cakes are also available. These are made to order, human grade and pretty delicious! We've tried all of our treats!

Our store is located at 617 Main Street in the Market Arcade next to the Expo Market. We have called the Market Arcade home since April of 2016. We sell dog treats, cat treats and supplies as well as gifts for humans. All of the treats and toys are made in the USA.

What should dog parents look for when shopping for treats? What are some red flag ingredients to stay away from? 

Pup parents should look for minimal ingredients and if they are feeding their dog peanut butter or even yogurt they should stay away from xylitol. Our rule of thumb is if we won't eat something, we won't feed it to our pups.

Do you have a simple recipe to share?

A quick and easy recipe for the summer is to take an ice cube tray and put a few organic blueberries in each section. Then fill each section with organic, low sodium bone broth or any broth you'd like. Place in the freezer and when frozen you have a nice, cooling treat for your pup.

How can someone purchase your treats?

Our treats are available on our website and in our store at 617 Main Street.

Upcoming Events:

We will be at Puppy Play Dates at the Pointe on June 25 and July 23 form 12-3. This is located at 225 Fuhrmann Blvd. 

We are also working with the shelter to organize and adoption event. Stay tuned for more details!