Transitioning to Hound Fresh is simple!

The majority of dogs transition to Hound Fresh very easily. We recommend a gradual transition and avoid any digestive upset. Most transition time takes a little under two weeks.

Day 1-3; 25% Hound Fresh 75% previous food.

Day 4-7; 50% Hound Fresh 50% previous food.

Day 8-11; 75% Hound Fresh 25% previous food.

Day 12; 100% Hound Fresh

Remember most dogs will be excited about their new fresh food diet……it is up to you to be patient! Most dogs come to us after a lifetime of highly processed foods, this new fresh food diet will be different for them so gradual transition is key.

Let your dog be your guide. Its important to watch your dogs stool during this time. If the stool is loose, slow down and transition more slowly. If the stool is firm, then your dogs system is accepting the new food so continue to increase the amounts fed.


At Hound Fresh we are with you every step of the way. Do you have an extra picky eater? An older dog set in their ways? An extra sensitive stomach? Contact us!